All About Dubai Expo City

Dubai Expo City brings the innovation and excitement of Dubai Expo 2020 permanently to Dubai. Here is what to see at Dubai Expo City.

Dubai Expo 2020 was an event spanning five months, with approximately 24,000,000 visitors, 192 participating countries, and thousands of innovations, all under one roof. This much-awaited Expo was one of the greatest events of this decade. After two long and depressing years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dubai Expo 2020 felt like a breath of fresh air to us. We have great news if you want to relive those Dubai Expo memories or could not attend the Expo. Dubai Expo 2020 is coming back as Dubai Expo City, featuring the best expo pavilions year round. Dubai Expo City is free to the general public, although a few select pavilions will require a paid ticket. Check your passport and visa to visit Dubai to experience Dubai Expo City and more. If your visa expires soon, get your UAE Tourist Visa Extension done so you can visit the iconic Expo City of Dubai!

Dubai Expo City

Museum of The Future in Dubai built for EXPO 2020. Photo by BONDART via iStock by Getty Images

Dubai Expo City 2020: What to Know

So what exactly is the Dubai Expo City?

The creators of this visionary site call it “a clean, green, innovation-driven, human-centric city of the future.” A city built as a part of Dubai, it has a handful of popular attractions from the Dubai Expo 2020, 6 miles (10 kilometers) of biking tracks, a 3-mile (5-kilometer) jogging track, and so much more. It is not only an entertainment hub, but it will soon feature educational and work institutions. According to recent reports, the renowned Munich-based technology firm Siemens plans to set up a work facility within the Expo City premises.

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Dubai Expo City

Entrance gate at the Expo 2020 Dubai UAE. Photo by Jelina Preethi via iStock by Getty Images

Helmut von Struve, the chief executive officer of Siemens in the UAE and the Middle East Explained that, “Expo City Dubai will become the main facility for Siemens in Dubai. More than 200 engineers, technical experts, and corporate staff will work from our building that overlooks the Al Wasl Dome. The space will also include an experience center for customers, which we operated throughout Expo 2020 Dubai.”

At the moment, Expo City has only opened its doors for some of its attractions. With this unique 15-minute city concept, the creators want to carry forward the fantastic momentum created by the Expo 2020.

You can also enjoy the fun at the Expo City with your furry friends. Yes, you read that right. The authorities have made Expo City a pet-friendly place to visit. Not just that, they have also set up wooden water drinking stations, free treats, and designated water refilling stations for dogs.
To build this 15-minute city, its creators have retained 80% of the infrastructure built for the original Expo 2020 event.

To build this 15-minute city, its creators have retained 80% of the infrastructure that was built for the original Expo 2020 event.

Let’s talk about some of the pavilions and attractions now open to visitors at the Dubai Expo City!

Al Wasl Projection Dome at Dubai Expo City

One of the most stunning sites in the Dubai Expo City—and its centerpiece—is Al Wasl. Al Wasl has free entry for the public! It features a 360° projection dome with a display of music and lights. The projection shows at the Al Wasl dome are scheduled after 6:15 in the evenings every Wednesday to Sunday. The last show at Al Wasi is at 11 pm.

Dubai Expo City

Al Wasl Dome. Photo by Jeff Kingma via iStock by Getty Images

This projection show is one of the favorites for visitors. Its grand structure, life-like projections, and the decors around it make its seating area the most Instagrammable place at Expo City. It is constructed strategically in the center of the Expo City so that you can enjoy the soothing vibes of the whole area while in the seating area of the Al Wasl. This plaza seats up to 3,000 people.

The Surreal Waters at Dubai Expo City

Another magnificent site in Dubai Expo City is the Surreal waters, defying all laws of gravity. This water feature was created by WET, a California-based firm that uses supercomputers and modern technology to create stunning water fountains and water features.

The systems behind this magical water feature create an illusion that the water is shooting in the reverse direction from its sides as it rises above the people’s heads and then drops its waves towards their feet at once. The supercomputers control the speed and movement, releasing water in different motions. As per WET, no water is wasted with this feature. They recycle thousands of gallons of water sustainably, making it eco-friendly.

Dubai Exhibition Centre at Dubai Expo City

The Dubai Exhibition Centre, which previously hosted many world summits, will continue to be a part of the Dubai Expo City. It is easy to access with a Dubai Metro station specifically built for the Expo 2020. It is an ideal venue to hold business seminars, musical concerts, lavish dinners, exhibitions, product launches, award ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, and much more.

Garden in the Sky at Dubai Expo City

Popularly referred to as the “flying garden,” the Garden in the Sky is a rotating observation tower about 180 feet (55 meters) high that gives you an unbeatable view of the Expo City. You can enjoy scenic views from above, including a lot of greenery. Award-winning British architect Asif Khan designed the revolving tower. He also designed the three entry portals to the Expo 2020 site. You get a 5-minute tour, and there is an entry fee for Garden in the Sky.

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When You Visit Dubai Expo City

There is so much more to see when you visit Dubai Expo City. Check your visa and passport and start planning to experience the expo and more during your visit to Dubai. When you’re ready to head out, check Wander With Wonder for more ideas on what to see and do in the Middle East.

All About Dubai Expo City: Official Opening, Tickets, and More

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