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A Tour of Tennessee’s Craft Breweries

When it comes to craft beer, Tennessee is quickly gaining recognition as a top destination for beer enthusiasts. With its vibrant craft brewery scene, the state offers a wide range of unique and flavorful brews that are sure to please even the most discerning beer connoisseurs.

One of the must-visit breweries in Tennessee is Yazoo Brewing Company, located in Nashville. Founded in 2003, Yazoo has become a staple in the city’s craft beer scene. Known for their bold and innovative brews, Yazoo offers a variety of styles, from hoppy IPAs to rich stouts. The brewery also offers guided tours, allowing visitors to see firsthand how their favorite beers are made.

Another must-visit brewery in Tennessee is Blackberry Farm Brewery, situated in Walland, near the Great Smoky Mountains. This unique brewery takes inspiration from the beautiful surroundings, using locally sourced ingredients to create their exceptional beers. From their classic Saison to their barrel-aged offerings, each beer at Blackberry Farm is a testament to their commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Heading east, Knoxville is home to several notable craft breweries. One of these is Pretentious Beer Company, a small but mighty brewery that prides itself on pushing boundaries and experimenting with unconventional brewing techniques. With a rotating selection of beers on tap, visitors can expect to be surprised and delighted by the creative flavors and unique brewing methods employed by Pretentious Beer Company.

In Chattanooga, Hutton & Smith Brewing Company has quickly made a name for itself in the local craft beer scene. With a focus on traditional brewing methods and using only the finest ingredients, Hutton & Smith produces exceptional beers that are both approachable and full of flavor. From their crisp and refreshing lagers to their bold and hop-forward ales, there is something for everyone at this Chattanooga gem.

Moving west, Memphis is home to Wiseacre Brewing Company, a brewery known for its innovative and playful approach to brewing. With a diverse lineup of beers, including their popular Ananda IPA and Tiny Bomb American Pilsner, Wiseacre has garnered a loyal following in the craft beer community. Their taproom offers a lively atmosphere where visitors can enjoy a pint or two while soaking in the vibrant energy of Memphis.

Last but certainly not least, Johnson City is home to Yee-Haw Brewing Company, a brewery that pays homage to the rich brewing traditions of the region. With a focus on classic beer styles, Yee-Haw produces beers that are both timeless and full of character. Visitors can expect to find everything from their award-winning Dunkel to their refreshing Pilsner, all crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

In conclusion, Tennessee’s craft brewery scene is thriving and offers a diverse range of beers to suit every palate. Whether you find yourself in Nashville, Walland, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis, or Johnson City, you are sure to find a brewery that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the art of craft beer. So why not embark on a tour of Tennessee’s craft breweries and discover the hidden gems that await? Cheers!